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Focused on Hannah's Cushing's Disease Recovery.

Until summer 2022, this site will provide updates on Hannah’s recovery process from the successful brain (pituitary) and
sinus surgery she went through in Jan 2022 to cure Cushing’s Disease.

It is extremely rare in that only 1 in 1 million get it. It causes every cell in the body to malfunction
Examples of areas impacted include, but are not limited to, memory & cognitive function, bone density,
organ function, muscle and joint degeneration, severe fatigue, inflammation, poor immune system, difficulty fighting infection, etc.

As intended, the surgery made her body stop making cortisol (fight or flight hormone)
but since it is required to survive, she is on a high dosage replacement, which she now has to 1) slowly wean off of while 2) her body takes 1-2 years to fully heal.
The weaning process is the most difficult element since it has been likened by doctors to having the same withdrawal symptoms as a heroin addict and takes 6 mo to 1 year.

This video kicks off the surgery festivities by explaining what you’ll find on this site.

Surgery Recovery Updates (Blog)

MRI Needs Another Expert Review

March 30, 2022

Significant Sinus Infection

March 22, 2022

Significant headaches, nausea and general weakness

March 13, 2022

Cushing Warrior Videos

These videos are short and answer common questions I get about the surgery and recovery.
For example, “What is Cushing’s?” “What is recovery like?” “How are you doing emotionally?”

They were recorded before the 2nd surgery, but still answer all the key questions.