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Hannah Pelley
Your Coach and Consultant
Solutions for Impact, LLC Founder and Owner

Actual Fortune 100 Coaching Client Result

8 weeks after starting to work with my client
(Results are typical)

Imagine How LIFE CHANGING it would be
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"Coached me through 2 promotions, 3 salary increases,
4 re-organizations and an industry change"

Olivia San Miguel, National Manager, Toyota's HQ

Or One of These Impactful Testimonials...

“Significantly improved my strategic thinking, time management and prioritization, assertiveness, quality of work and work/life balance through her recommendations and coaching, I now have a seat at the table with my stakeholders and also been able to relocate back to my home country.”
Manager, Microsoft Romania (coached virtually)
“Enabled me to expand by business and market from the US to the entire world.”
Steve Gutzler
President, Leadership Quest
“She offers useful, easy to apply tools, tailored to different circumstances and personalities that anyone can follow to make a difference in their life.

I’m able to apply her teaching daily with the people I interact with, and have had incredible results.”
Anat Ben-Shaul
Founder, Making a Match
"I was debating leaving my business after 20 years.

Hannah helped me explore what I wanted from my business and realize that I didn't want to quit.

I wanted to reshape it the way I did things so it was more of my way and for fun.

It was amazing to me that after we reset my goals and worked together for a short time, I had the best Fall selling season I had in 20 years.

I also really enjoyed it and had fun doing what I was doing."
Eileen Paul
"As I embark on a new chapter of my career and engaged Hannah to help me to up level my personal brand and elevator pitch.

In a few short hours of working together, Hannah coached and guided me in effectively synthesizing my strengths, skills and value into an overall elevator pitch.

This quick 2-3 minute pitch now comes out naturally and authentic.

I am pleased with the outcome which has set a strong foundation in taking me to the next stage of my career journey."
Judy D.
Global Partner Manager, Field Enablement, Capgemini
"She is an expert when it comes to process improvement, training, communications, and business management all-up.

Her professionalism, as well as her deep knowledge makes everything that she delivers highly polished and well-executed.

Hannah supported me in such a way, that felt more like the support a family member would provide.

I have never felt so supported at work before in my entire life.

There are no words to adequately express how thankful I am for her support. She helped me work through a life-long fear and literally made an impact on my LIFE"
Rebecca O
Sr Manager, Microsoft

And More

Are You TIRED of Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel lost in a sea of colleagues wishing you knew how to get more recognition for your work? Working “harder” isn’t doing the trick and you feel stuck and underappreciated.
Are you frustrated with colleagues and management who seem to make it harder to be successful? You’re not getting what you need. Expectations aren’t realistic. People are difficult.
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with everything needed to just keep up with your work? You constantly react vs being proactive. You’re not delivering what you are capable of. You are stressed our and aren’t happy with your work/life balance.

Hannah Pelley will coach you how to get the
in just 8 weeks

Receive More Recognition, Opportunities, Promotions and Raises

Hannah Pelley will coach you:
She will empower you to effectively:

20,000+ Professionals | 35+ Countries | 15+ Awards |
1,500+ Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

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(and hope you are doing so correctly).

You can save time, money, and effort by 
using my experience and training to coach you on 
the most effective approaches for YOU.  


We’ll go through your specific scenarios ensuring you
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