Are you ready to take back control of your work life and create the career you want?


Are you a corporate professional who is being held back from reaching your true potential?

I will coach you on how to receive the recognition and opportunities you deserve to create the career you want.

The Problem

Many corporate business professionals and technical experts are

held back from having the career they have always wanted

Myth 1

They believe that if they work hard enough, go above and beyond, put in long hours, work on the most important things and don't rock the boat, they will get recognized, promoted and have great financial rewards

Myth 2

They believe that those in leadership positions will notice their great work ethic, attitudes and willingness to take anything on and give them a "seat at the table" and great opportunities to grow and thrive

Do You Experience Any of This?

You are not advancing

You have gotten this far in your career…but what you did to get here is no longer continuing to move you forward. You know what you are capable of and want to realize your full potential to achieve your goals.

you are not recognized or valued

You are tired of not getting the level of recognition you deserve for your work and feel undervalued. You are a strong performer and deliver great results.

You are unheard and underutilized

You are frustrated that people are not listening to your ideas or letting you do what you are fully capable of. In fact, you are not sure if people even know what you are capable of, what your experience is, what your abilities are or how you think.

You are passed over for opportunities

No one seems to be looking out for your career. You have been passed over (or not even considered) for opportunities and promotions. You are just as qualified, if not more qualified, and the financial rewards you do receive do not equate to the amount of impact you have delivered.

You are frustrated and feel like everything is out of control

You are stretched thin, getting more and more frustrated with everyday experiences (and people) and feel like your career is completely out of your control. This is not the life you signed up for. You are stressed out and just not enjoying work anymore.

You feel stuck.
You do not know what to do differently.

I experienced the same things throughout my 20+ year corporate career at Toyota’s US headquarters and Microsoft Corporation. I know what you are going through.



Hannah Pelley


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Your Coach, Hannah Pelley

I coach corporate professionals to ignite their careers while being authentic so that they gain the respected brand, recognition, and opportunities they deserve and create the career they want. I do this all without making you seem like a “kiss-up,” creating more work or causing you to have unnatural, forced or stressful interactions.

Over my 20+ year career working as an employee in Fortune 100 companies, I experienced all of the frustrations above and more.  In order to thrive in political, highly competitive, stressful, and fast-paced environments, I developed strategies to overcome these challenges in my workplace and thrive. 

The result? I had high profile jobs at Toyota’s American Headquarters and Microsoft, creating a career for myself that I loved.  I made an impact in every role I had. I created great relationships with colleagues at all levels and always had a “seat at the table” with executives and leaders.  My ideas were heard and implemented, and I received many opportunities giving me experiences that elevated my career. I genuinely enjoyed going to work every day and felt unstoppable.

The strategies I created for my career were all win-win approaches. When they saw the results, my colleagues started asking me for coaching. After I coached them, they consistently got the results they had always wanted. Over time, the same colleagues came back again and again for additional coaching. Because of the success they had, they began recommending me to others as well.

At that point I realized how much of an impact I could have on the world, not just at one company. I knew I had found my true calling in life. I created Solutions for Impact, LLC to enable business professionals to realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

Trusted by Employees at

20+ years of Fortune 100 work experience  |  20,000+ business professionals | 35+ countries | 15+ awards

Client Reviews

(more testimonials and case studies will be posted soon)
And now, I'm a better, more effective version (of myself). The results have been financially rewarding and soul-filling. My business relationships are far superior and more genuine than ever. Referrals are flowing. Family relationships are better than ever. I highly recommend Solutions for Impact and working with Hannah Pelley.
Marta Cappa
First Vice President Hall Wealth Management Group
Hannah successfully coached me through 2 promotions, 3 salary increases, 4 re-organizations and an industry change.
Olivia San Miguel
National Manager
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.
I was debating leaving my business after 20 years. Hannah helped me explore what I wanted from my business and realize that I didn't want to quit. I wanted to reshape the way I did things so it was more of my way and for fun. It was amaing to me that after we reset my goals and worked together for a short time, I had the best Fall selling season I had in 20 years. I also really enjoyed it and had fun doing what I was doing.
Eileen Paul


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